Industry consulting

  • Industry consulting

    The efforts of today’s food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical producers are not focused solely on the production and introduction of the product to the market. Much energy is needed for technological intricacies and understanding the complexity of the regulations, requirements and restrictions, concerning the product itself, the packaging or distribution. That is why aside from supplying our clients with components, we also help by sharing our knowledge and experience, at every stage of production.

    Sales Office Manager at Aromat-Vertex

Our consulting services


We help with legal matters linked to production, sale of the product or regulations concerning any restrictions about using a given element in a specific area. We also complete full documentation for the products we sell.


Many clients ask us for help in using an ingredient in production. What dosing gives the best result? How to run the production process? We help in each stage and together look for the best solutions.


Selecting a proper component for production is not only a matter of compromise between the price and the quality. We help our clients get a broader look at the materials they use, by adjusting them in the final product and by considering the intricacies, details and usage restrictions.


Different clients need different materials depending on the intended product and use. What works well in one application isn’t necessarily the best choice for the other. Together with the client we select the best material for a specific context of use.