Technologies for the cosmetic industry

  • Technologies for the cosmetic industry

    It’s often said that a good cosmetic brand doesn’t sell products, it sells a state of well-being and comfort. Our clients, thanks to using the right components in the right way, fully rise to that challenge.

    specialist and technologist for the cosmetic industry at Aromat-Vertex

Our cosmetic industry portfolio


Consumer choice is so greatly influenced by scent that no cosmetic brand can neglect this sense. Our clients’ products have an attractive smell because of our accurate and balanced fragrances, compositions and flower extracts.


Using proper and safe preservatives in order to ensure a product’s long shelf life is just one of the important aspects. Equally essential is the "protective" role of cosmetic products, achievable, for example, by using deodorizing components or UV-filters.


The main role of a cosmetic product is fulfilling the promise made to the consumer: improving the look, rebuilding skin quality or enhancing comfort. Our offer consists of active components for face, body and hair, bioavailability promoters, tensors and anti-dandruff substances, as well as fats and vegetable oils.


A skillful combination of active, protective and aromatic aspects often requires complementation with supporting elements. Among others, we offer hyaluronic acid, pigments, texture modifiers, emollients, cooling substances and multifunctionals.