Technologies for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Technologies for the pharmaceutical industry

    The uniqueness of the pharmaceutical industry does not lie only in its hundreds of rules, laws and restrictions, but also in the specific role played by the producers and the trust they must gain from their consumers. Our part is to help the companies from this area create safe, innovative products, which will never fail or disappoint their users.

    specialist for the pharmaceutical industry at Aromat-Vertex

Our pharmaceutical industry portfolio


Appropriate selection of a product’s hue makes it more attractive, emphasizes specific traits and may even become a mean of brand differentiation on the crowded market. Our portfolio consists of additives that help control the look of a product: colorings, juice concentrates and fruit powders.

Taste and smell

Proper taste and smell combination is extremely important – it’s not only about masking the active component in the final product, but also about underlining its characteristics or adjusting it to the target group. To influence taste and smell we suggest using flavors, extracts, fruit powders, juice concentrates and sucralose.


Many items in our pharmaceutical portfolio are made to play the main role in the final product. For this purpose we offer probiotic cultures, hyaluronic acid, Mastic (antifungal and antibacterial resin from the Pistacia lentiscus tree) and others.


Our portfolio consists of elements capable of complementing a product with additional traits that will help it stand out in a competitive market: cooling substances, masking flavors or pharmaceutical preservatives.